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Khalifah Method

Just now we (me and discussed on my masters dissertation topic because I'm still confused what should I do in this dissertation. Actually I want to do research on hijab in Malaysia but since hijab is not a very controversial issue in Malaysia, I'm now planning to do something that I am really interested in. I am really interested in 4 things : 1)Business 2) Children 3) Education 4) Presentation!!! 
~BUT I need to improve my presentation skill la kan.. 

Alhamdulillah we've come out with a very good idea. I should use what I know and dig out my potential because this is very important not only to help myself, but at the same time, to help others too. These are the things that I want to do for my dissertation, dakwah and NGO works. Subhanallah! These are the things that I want to do, people!

 Previously, I worked as a teacher at Khalifah Model School and I've learnt so0 many things especially about Khalifah Method. I learnt how to be a good teacher, daughter, sister, wife, mother and leader. MasyaAllah it's such a blessing for me! I've never thought that one day I'll become a teacher~ in a very good school! I think that I'm good in business and I really want to be a successful businesswoman!! But ya, Allah knows BEST. 

Khalifah Model School is the 1st school that has been established to implement this Khalifah method and alhamdulillah the results are very positive.
This is the founder of Khalifah Method, late Prof. Dr.Muhammad Al-Mahdi. He was an atheist then has reverted to Islam. May Allah give him the best rewards, insyaAllah ~ His Jannah.  

 These are the things that I've learnt from Khalifah school. In dealing with young children we should:

  1. Focus on the establishment of good behaviour through the use of positive influence;
  2. Restrain yourself from punishing the child; 
  3. Gently remind children of what is right and what is wrong; and
  4. Lastly, be kind but firm with them. 

MasyaAllah this is one of the Khalifah student's work. They've been divided into groups and they need to present their responsibilities as Khalifah of Allah. I'm very proud of them! Seriously. This is what I want to instill in every Muslim ~ good behaviour and high self esteem. Please dear reader, whether you are a sister, brother, husband, wife, teacher, boss, or worker, you need to be good and do good. Please avoid all negative influences from yourself and most importantly, don't bring negative things to others. We need to improve ourselves, avoid anger and avoid sarcasm with others in our 'funny' jokes (not really funny ok), because all the negative words that come out from your mouth can kill the self esteem in others especially young children. You must think twice to say 'DON'T!' to your children or to your brothers and sisters. If they get low marks in their exam, you CAN'T shout at them or say bad words to them. You should give them advice, and praise them for their hard work. That's a good Khalifah of Allah.

Their first language of communication in school is English. 
Look at his answer! MasyaAllah I can't believe year 2 student could give such a good answer! He is only 8! Amazing sunbhanallah.. May Allah give me good kids in the future insyaAllah..

This is the result of positive influence~ always remind them to be good and insyAllah they will be good. 

Such good works right people? Alhamdulillah I've learnt a lot from the all the people in the Khalifah school. Jazakallahu khairan kathiraa dear principal, Khalifah Institute staffs, all the colleagues, and also my beloved students for all the wonderful experiences we've shared together. 

InsyaAllah my DREAM is to spread this knowledge, about Khalifah Method with other Muslims especially people in UK and I think this is one of the ways to get more reward from Allah and I really hope Allah will accept my effort. 
Both of them are volunteering to be the emcees!! they love microphone I think :P

Year 1 students. I love them so much~ u know why? because I was their class teacher before.heheh. I love them because they have a very high self esteem. They like to present in front of people, they like to share anything they know with people. Wonderful huh? 

 I'd love to work with other NGOs and any other groups to learn and share all these together.

Let's work together for Islam


++ aD[d] ++ said...

love it!!
I'm proud of u...really2 proud...

Ainul Mardhiah said...

Thanks add.. ~ trying very hard to improve myself!

Afiya Vohra said...

impressive.. :) MashaAllah a really good blog to follow :) Keep it up sister (y) I was searching ideas for my first graders to make a booklet on I AM A KHALIFA.. and you solved my worries Alhamdulillah :)

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